Crack The Online Advertising Code With Vidillion Enhanced Monetization Platform

Our monetization platform successfully delivers millions of CTV & OTT ads per day to over 120 countries worldwide generating optimized revenue for our customers. Learn how we can unlock and optimize your hidden advertising revenue.

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How Vidillion Helps Your Business

Increase Revenue

Our DAI platform is integrated with top ad platforms, which easily increases your ad revenue. Our patented cross ad platform is optimized to maximize your revenue potential for your video content.

Delivers to Multi-screen

Our server-side Ad transcoding ensures delivery on all devices including smartphone, tablets, desktop, smart TVs and set top boxes.

Supports Linear and VOD streams

We integrate with your Live and Video-On-Demand content to work with any CDN service. Our framework also offers support for VAST compliant players.

Relevant and Quality Ads

Vidillion’s solution targets ads to specific viewers based on their location, language, religion, community, content genre, and user device. Our Ad restriction system filters out ads that you do not want your viewers to see.

SDK's / VSAR support

Our framework supports various integration methods including VAST, VSAR, DAG API, SDK etc.

Supports SD / HD / UltraHD

Our server-side DAI seamlessly integrates with high-quality content. Our AD CDN network delivers ads from the nearest POP to provide the highest-quality viewer experience.

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