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Vidillion gives advertisers precisely targeted access to streaming video viewers watching
on any Internet-connected devices. VSPs get rockin’ CDN services and a share in the ad revenue.



  Vidillion’s VidViewers is our marketplace of streaming video viewers, their profile and activity history, and ad inventory. We aggregate viewers of multiple Video Service Providers (VSPs) to provide advertisers the large audience sizes they
need and we deliver verified ads on whatever Internet-connected device the consumer is using at the time.
  Vidillion’s TotalStream is our streaming
video-optimized content delivery network
(CDN). TotalStream was built from the ground up for the low latency and high reliability needed for streaming video services and massive scalability to support the explosive growth in viewers. VSPs that use TotalStream can also share in the ad revenues for ads delivered to their viewers.
  Vidillion’s VidTizer ad service allows advertisers to precisely target the exploding market of streaming video viewers based on content, device, profile, geography, activity history, language and context. Ads are delivered to the Internet-connected device the viewer is using including tablets, Smartphones, TVs and game consoles.    
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